About Flush the Teacher

Do you hate your teacher? Do you hate their 'I know it all' attitude? Dish out your anger, Dump your frustrations at your annoying teacher in this hilarious and amazing game and 'Flush your teacher'. The game has wacky artwork and zany animations reminding you of your snarky teacher. Our eccentric sound score will bring unending laughter to our gamers.

The gameplay is ingenious and imaginative. Players have an arsenal of crafty items to slingshot at their teacher, to vent out all their frustrations over their bossy, annoying teacher. There is only one catch, don't let the teacher notice your clever prank or you will be in serious trouble.

Take a perfect aim and flush your teacher down the school sewerage system, making them disappear once and for all. Then move on to the next Faculty with more weapons and tactics. Greater skill is required for each successive Faculty.


  • Classrooms

    The game features 12 varied faculties with 2 classrooms in each faculty to make the gameplay interesting and challenging and more difficult as you Defeat each Faculty.

  • Levels

    The game comes with 38 comical levels including a Deputy Principal and mega boss (Principal) levels to payback your teacher. These levels will make the gamers want to come back for more fun.

  • Ammunition

    The game features innovative arsenal of classroom items like Spitballs, Paint Bottles, Calculator, Chopsticks, Bones, Tennis ball, Javelin ,Test Tubes and many more, Each classroom will have the specific set of weapons to hit the teacher. When you defeat a Faculty, their weapons, become Your weapons in Your arsenal for future battles.

  • Sounds

    The game experience is heightened with a creative background score defining the craziness of this game. Sounds like your teacher flushing down the toilets, or babbling in the classrooms will tickle your funny bone.

  • Opponents

    The game comes with a host of teachers, a Deputy Principal and Principal for students to hurl the items at. Each teacher is equally hateful and deserves your vengeance.


Experience the most hilarious game till date!


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